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How To Not Be Awkward Socially |

How To Not Be Awkward Socially

Written by : Miko Satria Pratama
At : Tuesday, July 28, 2015
HowTo-Tie - How To Not Be Awkward Person | Hello world, are you a weird person that socially awkward? Or have any problem to interact with others? or feeling so awkward when you want to start a conversation with other? If yes, let me tell you How To Not Be Awkward Person. Awkward personality is so disturb you when interact with other, isn't it? Humans are social creature that can't life alone without any help from others. Relationship is very important to help you build your business or link and you can do anything easier with some help from your friends. For example when seeking for a job, travel to other country and many more. Being socially awkward is caused by lack of self-confidence, too shy, closed person and introvert.
how to not be socially awkward
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Personality is so hard to change, but you can do it slowly but sure intensively. If you still keep your awkward personality people will seem to be treating you different from others and you will feel that you are weird person. Ok, Let's see several point bellow to determine are you socially awkward person or not. The more point you have its mean higher your awkward degree.
Characteristics of Socially awkward person :
  1. Mostly not understand social norms
    Socially awkward people usually does not know what should for them to do and what should not to do in social environment. Awkward people don't know when the best time to start a conversation and when they should start a conversation. Awkward people also don't know the best topic to discuss and when its time. Awkward people also don't know what suitable joke for ongoing conversation. So, lack of understanding between you and your talkmates and can lead to either shy or weird behavior.
  2. Not comfortable in social environment
    Awkward person is feeling nervous in social setting, This is a prime factor to make him to have weird personality than other people and can lead to creepy behavior.
  3. Often have different result than intended
    Socially awkward people often get different respon his/her want when he/she want to tell something, for example : When he is telling a joke about something to others but other find the joke uncalled for. And when try to give a praise but come off with distasteful way. It is mean when awkward people try to do something within social life but they generate totally different thing than intended.
  4. Conversation Flow often stagnant
    Everybody ever stagnant in conversation but not as often as socially awkward person. Conversation end abruptly or have awkward silence is the rule of awkward person. Coversation flow will like riding a pedicab in the bumpy village road.
  5. Sometimes ridiculed by others or being avoided
    If people trying to dodge interaction with you, or they often ridicule you when you with them. They probably think that you are a weird person.
  6. Lack of meaningful connection with society
    Socially awkward people only have small social circle. They usually have little friend if any, and spend much time alone. They lack of meaningful connection with others even they tried to express themselves effectively, felt ease around others and tried to start a conversation.
That are characteristics of socially awkward person. Based on that characteristics you can ask your self, are you a socially awkward person? if the answer is yes, you are, let see these tips about How To Not Be Awkward Person. Being socially awkward give negative impact to your life. These tips will make you less awkward and be happier.
  • Increase your self-confidence within social life. Socially awkward caused by anxiety and shyness with in social environment. You can't think clearly when you are feeling anxious, make you so nervous and embarass your self. Focus to improve your social confidence untill being social and interact with other untill being your rules (Customary). First, you have to more listens and see others people and learn their rule, when the best time to tell joke, open a conversation and etc by learn their proper behavior. Its will take more time, but you will have much best friend even in new environment. After you learn their behavior you can talk with them more often and improve your social confidence.
  • Don't initiate any handshake with other
    Initiate handshake with people you just know is a good thing. If you socially awkward, you will feel more awkward if you request for handshake but he/she not raise your hand. You can wait them to initiate a handshake for intoduction, so can feel less awkward. This is to avoid bad timing request from you to initiate a shakehand.
  • Stop thinking your awkward conversation and let it be an experience
    Trust me that people doesn't remember our mistakes as often and as long as we do. But we still remembering that awkward moment and made us being more closed. Our brain not a camcorder that record and capture every moment, but only store unique moment in our life, include paintful and awkward moment. This is caused we often stuck on awkward moment throught loop and replay painful moment in awkward conversation with peoples and forget their smile in first meet. In fact, other doesn't remember that awkward moment as we do, and everyone also have rejection and painful moment too. So, don't be socially awkward. Everyone can draw new story in their life and have chance to change.
  • Write your experience on your diary
    You can improve your experience and self-confidence in conversation by writing every wrong and right response in your diary. Such as what was you said? who was with you? and when?, don't forget to write body language that affect the conversation, What went well and what to improve. Don't forget to write what should you do if similar conversation occurs.
That are some tips about how to not be awkward in social environment. Along with time, this social experience will change you from socially awkward to socially intelligent. And you can interact with other people as normal people and no body will think that you are weird. I hope, this article about how to not be awkward in social life can solve your problem. Don't forget to use comment box if you have any question about this topic. See you on next how to article.

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