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How To Zest a Lemon (4 Ways To Zest Lemon) |

How To Zest a Lemon (4 Ways To Zest Lemon)

Written by : Miko Satria Pratama
At : Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How To Zest a Lemon

HowTo-Tie - How To Zest a Lemon | Hello world, how are you today? i hope you always fine. Lemon zest is one of mostly used cooking ingredients. In this article, we will discussed about How To Zest a Lemon with the best way. Its depends on how finely grated that you needs and for what you will using the zest. There are many tools we can use to zest a lemon such as Lemon zester, vegetables peeler, a microplane or the rasp, and the paring knife. Each tools will produce different grated zest. So you must use a correct tools to get zest as you want. Acidity and flavor are important to make good cooks. Lemon zest is the best cooking ingredient that can do that exactly, Lemon zest will give acidity along with unique lemon flavor to make your dish more delicious, tasty and yummi :v. Zest is thin yellow-colored layer of lemon peel. This layer is most aromatic part of a lemon and other kinds of orange-like fruits and also has acid taste. Using lemon zest as your cooking ingredients are the best way to avoid using of synthetic flavoring.

There are important thing that you must pay attention in order to make a healthy and best quality lemon zest. First, You must looking for unwaxed lemons. Why? the reason is to avoid other chemical substance in your food. If market selling unwaxed lemons not available in your location, you have to wash your lemons very thoroughly before zesting. And second, be sure only slice zest of lemons (yellow-colored thin layer) and left underneath layer with bitter white pith. To take off only yellow-colored layer depends on power of your pressure while slicing and tool you used for zesting. Sharpness of your tools also affecting zest that you get.

Cooking recipes mostly use very finely grated zest. So, more finely grated zest better than thick grated zest. So you can melt it into gravies (meat sauce), homemade lemon flavor icecream and etc.Ok, let us discussed about zester tools and its product.
  1. Microplane (Very finely grated zest)
    How to zest a lemon using the rasp
    The microplane (some people call The Rasp) is mostly used tools for zesting citrus-like fruits because this tools not expensive (so you can include as cheap kitchen tools), easy using, light weight and its works really fine to produce very finely grated zest. So, you can zest a lemon using microplanet to get very grated zest to melt with sauce, gravies, lemon-flavor ice creams and to add more flavor into lemon juice. The microplane has much sharp teeth-like part that can scrape zest easily with little pressure. Its teeth-like knife also can scrape off your skins easily, so be careful while using this tools. Don't forget to leave white pith at underneath layer. You can zest lemons radially horizontal by placing lemons on your left hand and microplane drawn toward you with short stroke and rotate the lemon, the zest will gathers at the grove of the microplane (this is the better way to zest a lemon) or vertically from pole to other pole. After zesting, your microplane may have scented oil and zest left.
  2. Using lemon Zester
    How to zest a lemon using lemon zester
    The Lemon zester has paw-like knife with some sharpish holes. This tools also easy use by dragging across lemons surface, extra pressure may needed than using microplane (the rasp), if you drag with overpressure it can lead to scrape more deep pith than we desired and slippage possibility. This tools also leave unzested areas cause its only build by a line of sharpish holes. So you need to do second drag over unzested area.
  3. Using Vegetables peeler (best used to make large piece of zest)
    How to zest a lemon using vegetable peeler
    If you have vegetables peeler, you also can use it as zester. this tools can produce small or large pieces of zest depend on your pressure (Sharp peeler no need much pressure). If your vegetable peeler has dentate knife (and sharp), you can produce finely grated zest by little pressure. Sometimes we need large piece of lemon zest that can't made using microplane or zester such as for cocktail garnish, marinades, blend juice like pop ice and so on. But, if you need piece of zest, you also can mince it as like you mince onion or garlic.
  4. Using Fruit Grater
    How to zest a lemon | Grater
    There are many kind of fruit grater, such as one side grater and four side grater. Four side grater has four kind of knife with different size. Small holes grater also produce small grated zest. So, with four side grater you can zest a lemon and produce grated zest as you want and as you needs. The fruit grater is easy to use, you have to drag lemons from top of the grater to the bottom. And don't forget to make sure that white pith leave behind.
Ok that are about how to zest a lemon correctly using some tools such as The Microplane (The rasp), Zester, vegetables peeler and The grater. I hope this article useful to help you zest a lemon to get healthy and tasty zest. See you soon on next awesome "how to" articles.

How To Zest a Lemon | 4 ways to zest a lemon

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