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Recommended Daily Physical Activity for Body Health |

Recommended Daily Physical Activity for Body Health

Written by : Miko Satria Pratama
At : Thursday, April 07, 2016
HowToTie.Club - Recommended Daily Physical Activity for Body Health | Sports activities sometimes exhausting and troublesome, especially when the activity in the office and the house was overbooked. However, for the sake of optimal health, you need to perform physical activities that avoid the attack of various diseases.
Recommended daily physical activity for youth body health
Bicycling Around Your House

Listed below are some of the activities are simple, easy and free of charge that you can do anytime for the body fitness.

Stretching after waking.

"The burning of calories due to an increase of body temperature," said dr. Hario Tilarso, exercise specialist. To that end, stretching immediately after you wake up. Furthermore, sit on the edge of the bed shaking legs, then walk out of the room and into the bathroom or elsewhere. These activities can increase body temperature. "Doing homework everyday is a form of physical activity, besides sports, that can make your body healthy," said dr. Hario.

Maximize cycling activity.

Cycling has the benefit of increasing the work function of the heart and lungs, muscle strength training, scrape the fat, stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as widen blood vessels that has begun to narrow. Cycling for 30 minutes can burn up to 400 calories. "You can maximize the benefits of cycling by added some challenge when you do," said dr. Hario. Select an uphill route which makes the muscles of your body work harder. Or, you still could take a straight path, but by increasing the speed of bicycle pedal. Do it for 30 minutes, and you will be able to burn up to 600 calories. "Don't wearing a parachute jacket or heavy jacket while exercising even once time because it causes dehydration, and you will lose your power early," he explained.

Train your abdominal muscles at the office

To train your abdominal muscles during working hours, You can try the following activity every time you open an email. The trick is when there is an a new email you want to read, tighten your abdominal muscles, and while still sitting, lift your legs up from the floor, hold for several seconds. Simple exercises like that can strengthen your lower abdominal muscles and reduce the risk of back pain.

Doing yoga for a while

Sitting too long at work can make a part of your back and waist feel pains. "Occasionally do the relaxation with yoga movement," said Yudhi Widyantoro, Yoga Expert. To relax your back and waist, do "seated chair twist". Start with a relaxed sitting position with body facing forward. Then, hold the right side of the chair with your left hand, then turn your body slowly to the right side. Hold for several seconds, and feel the muscle tension in the back to the waist. After that, do with the opposite direction. The next movement is subservienting your body and achieving ankles with both hands. Hold thus position for several seconds.

Hiking and Brisk Walk

According to the results of the European Prospective Study into Cancer and Nutrition, involving 334 thousand people, a brisk walk for 20 minutes every day can reduce the risk of premature death ranging from 16 percent to 30 percent. "It's a simple message," said Professor Ulf Ekelund, one of the researchers. "Just doing light activity can produce wonderful health benefits for those who are less active physically." You could ask your family to do physical activity actively. For example, circle the map around your house as far as one kilometer and marked the route (of course only in your mind, not on the street). Then, ask family members traveling within a radius of one kilometer by brisk walk or marathon. Walking for one kilometer can burn about 62 calories. And, walking routine proven to prevent dementia, depression and heart problems.

Walk on escalators

Instead of just standing while on the escalator, It's would be better if you stepping the ladder one by one. Alternatively, exit the elevator one floor before the destination floor so you can use the stairs. Stepping up six stairs totaling 12 rungs three times a day can burn up to 450 calories in a week. The amount is equivalent to the weight training classes at the gym. You can get long-term health benefits, better yet, if you multiply the effort you did. A study conducted in Switzerland found that those who walked up the stairs 20 times a day for three months increased fitness and decreased blood pressure, weight and cholesterol. (ID version written by : Wiko Rahardjo)

Recommended Daily Physical Activity for Body Health

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