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How To Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem |

How To Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Written by : Miko Satria Pratama
At : Wednesday, June 22, 2016
The many ways that you can do to increase your self confidence in the long term, but sometimes we also need measures to increase self confidence in a short time. It feels like you can't walk to an important meeting while reading a guidebook about self confidence, or call your mentor at the last minute.
How To Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem
So below I try to share you some tips that can increase your self confidence quickly.

10 Instant ways to Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem

  1. Smile
    Smile is the 1 second Tip If you feel nervous and not confident. You don't just smile if you feel excited and confident, instead you can smile to make yourself feel better. Smiling is closely connected to positive feelings, so even impossible you might feel uneasy when you smile. Smile more than just showing the expression on your face. The hormone endorphin release when you smile that makes you feel better, increase the blood circulation into your face, making you feel comfortable with yourself and certainly can increase your self-self confidence. You will also appear more confident in the presence of others when you smile.
  2. Look in the eyes of the person you're talking
    Same case with the smile, stare into the eyes of everyone in the room. Give your smile and be sure they will reply to your smile; and given other people smile can boost your self confidence quickly. As like as smiles, eye contact shows that you are confident. Staring at your shoes or pushing your feelings become hesitant and shy. These tips are very useful for work interview; make eye contact with the person who interviewed you, or people who attended your presentation.

    "Eye contact helps you to eliminate fear if you're speaking in the public and getting closer to you with the person you're talking to. Stress is a feeling that comes from something alien and cannot be controlled. Eye contact give speakers a description of reality. Eye contact also helped attract your listener's interest too." (Confident Eye Contact, Unlimited Confidence).
  3. Change the Voice inside you
    Most of us have a voice inside that says that we're stupid, not capable enough, too fat, thin, noisy, not interesting, etc. The ability of changing the voice inside you is the key to gain self confidence from the inside. Make a voice within yourself become the best supporters for you and know your talents, and wants you to achieve your best.
  4. Forget the standard set of others
    Regardless of the situation that makes you experience a crisis of self confidence, you can help yourself by sticking to the standards you have. Others have a different value with you, and as hard as anything you try, you can never satisfy everyone at once. Don't worry if people call you fat, skinny, lazy, boring, stingy, ridiculous, etc. Hang in on the standard you have, not on the standards created by others. Keep in your mind the values and standards that are owned are generally different within society; you do not have to accept these standards and values just because people around you receive them.
  5. Perform as neat as possible
    Even if you only have a little time, go to the bathroom to make sure you look presentable. Wash your face, fix your makeup, align your collar, make sure there are no leftovers in your teeth. All of these things can make the difference between the self confidence towards your appearance and your fear towards your appearance. "Enhance your physical appearance; There is the fact that a person's appearance plays an important role in building self confidence. Even though we know what we have in ourselves we are important, your physical appearance determines the impression people against you. " (Building Blocks to Self-Confidence, Complete Wellbeing)
  6. Pray or Meditate for a moment
    If you believe in God, say a prayer can boost your self confidence (you can also do meditation instead of praying). This step helps you to step back a moment from the fast-paced situation and seek help from God. Here is an example of prayer, but you could write similar things according to your religion or belief: "Dear God, thank You for loving and accept me.. please help me to do this thing .. and help me to grow up according to your willing, so that my self confidence will increase; all for the sake of the majesty of Your Name and not my name. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Aameen. "(Daily Encounter, Strengthen Your Self-Confidence, Acts International).
  7. Reenactment
    If something happens beyond your expectations, it is easy enough to shake your self confidence. Maybe you spilled your drink, be late for an important meeting because of traffic jams, or someone you want to talk to give cool response. Try to "recreate" the situation and place them in a more positive situation. Often an event to be negative because of you own perceptions.
  8. Determine your next step
    If you are unsure what should you do, discover the simple steps that can help you to move forward. This may be done by making eye contact at a party, introducing yourself to strangers, breaking the ice in a meeting, or ask the person interviewing you to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and their company. Begin to act even though you do not have a clear description of what should you do. Move toward your goals or purposes. Correct yourself on another occasion.
  9. Speak Slowly
    A simple tips for you to seems more confident is to speak slowly. If you speak too quickly, you will feel bad because you realize you are so nervous and dont know what would you say after that. Talk slowly gives you the opportunity to think about what you will say next. If you're talking or doing a presentation, Take a break for a moment at the end of a phrase or sentence to help people digest what you say. Speaking slowly showing good self-self confidence. Someone who felt not worth to be listened would speak quickly, because he did not want to make other people wait for things that are not worth to be listened.
  10. Participate To Take a Part
    Have you ever sat all day in class or in a meeting without uttering even a single word? Have you ever go with your friends at night where your friends chatted happily while you just sit and stare at your drink? The chances of why that condition happened is you are not confident at those time – and just maybe you'll feel more uncomfortable after that night. Whatever your situation, strive to take part in the event. Even if you feel there is not much you can say, your mind and your perspective is very valuable for people around you. So, dont take it only for your self. By trying to talk at least once in every group discussion, you'll become a better speaker, more confident expressing your thoughts, and recognize that you are friendly enough by your peers.
Those are tips from HowToTie.Club that can you try in order to increase your self self confidence in short time. I hope this article can be useful for you and your friend or family. Happy trying to build your self confidence and see you at next useful article.

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