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How To Not Be Nervous |

How To Not Be Nervous

Written by : Miko Satria Pratama
At : Tuesday, June 21, 2016
You have a date, or an important meeting or have to present your task in front of the class? You can not sit quietly, your hands and feet can't be calm? Your palms start to sweat, you do not feel calm and starting nervous?
how to not be nervous

What are you doing?

What do you do in the beginning to avoid nervousness? And what can you do to reduce or eliminate the nervousness that suddenly come at any time, or just before the crucial moment? Below are some tips that you can use today, and a few more could you apply to your life in the future. You will try to combine some of the tips below. For example, if you already feel the energy of a high sense of nervousness that do not directly visualize a positive thing, because it will not have a significant effect, where your mind has a lot of issuing negative visualization. Rather, take a breath from the stomach several times to calm down and concentrate yourself on the current situation, as well as eliminating negative thoughts that will happen later. Once your breathing back to normal and calm, visualize how well the upcoming meeting.

You Should Be Ready

Of course you have to be ready. If you are going to present something in front of crowd, then study "your notes/books" and "what would you say" carefully before you go to podium. If you are going to have an important meeting, learn carefully what will be discussed, so you can see what might or will appear at the meeting. If you are going on a date, consider some interesting topics or questions that will be raised, so that when the conversation stop and meet the point where there is a strange silence, you are all set. If you're going to do a job interview, think about what that might be asked by them and think about some good answers.

Prepare everything carefully and meticulously in order to reduce your nervousness significantly. Perhaps preparing everything is not always pleasant, but preparation will not only help to relieve nervous but also provide optimal results in your presentation or to make you get the desired job.

Ask Yourself, What Worst Things Will Happen?

What's the worst thing that could happen? How did it affect you in the future? In many cases you will find the answer : it will not give much effect. It's easy to think of what will happen and the consequences that may occur in your mind as it is a matter of life and death, sometimes it would happens. Ask about things that are much simpler to make something become healthier and more calming yourself.

Do Deep Breath 30 times

Breathing through the abdomen is an awesome thing to relieve and negative visualization and restore ourselves to the current situation. In just a few quick breaths through the stomach can alter nervousness and short breath becomes quieter and steady. It's amazing how quickly it can change what you feel. Here are the things you need to do:
  • Sitting with a relaxed position with your feet sprawl.
  • Keep your hand on your stomach. Using the stomach, breathe slowly through your nose. If you do it right, then your stomach will enlarge and you'll feel it through your hands.
  • Exhale slowly through your nose and do it with minimal effort so that the stomach can be retracted into toward your back.
  • Pull and exhale for 30 times, take a breath slowly and deeply.
  • After you take 30 times a deep breath and focus to count them, then not only will you feel more relaxed and focused, your body will also automatically breathe like that without the need to focus on it.
  • Take a breath with the use of the stomach will be useful as you begin to feel nervous or unfocused when you are in the interview/presentation meeting.

Visualization With a Positive Way

Often a lot of time we often use to visualize what might go wrong in the future. This of course can create a high level of nervousness. It could also give the same result as what you imagined or feared. If you think going to fail, then you have made it harder yourself to succeed. Visualize positively is way more useful and fun to do with your imagination. Maybe you think that this is just a way to visualize the imaginary and the real, but to visualize in a negative way was actually an illusion. With any way, you only think about what might happen later. Visualize a negative way it might look more realistic because that's what many people do, or even that you often do on a daily basis in recent years. How do you visualize something that will happen will be much to change how you behave, what you say and what you feel in the future and the things it can give a great effect on what is going on.
This is some practical instruction for you, you will face a semisalnya meeting: Visualize how great the events will occur, and how great the feeling you would have on the meeting. Imagine yourself smiling, positive, open and is undergoing a good day. Take a look at good results from your mind, and luapkanlah with menvisualisasikan that it has happened, that the meeting has already finished with the desired results. It is very effective and will give you a good mood and calm down before you enter the meeting first, second or even twenty. The above solution is a faster way. The tips below requires more time to do than the tips above. It could take weeks, months or even years. As time goes on you will slowly make these ideas become an important part of your life. And these things can make you less nervous in any situation.

Practicing, practicing and practicing

The more you practice, taking action and putting yourself in a situation that can make you nervous, will make you more confident. If you've never experienced it before, then you'll know what might happen, so you'll feel more comfortable and not nervous.

Realize That People Not So Concerned With What You Do

One source of nervousness is too focused on what will people think of you and always think that their criticism is always about yourself. But in fact people are not so concerned about what you are doing. You focus on the problems, challenges and victories from day to day and it is the exact same thing is done by the person next to you. In general, people focus their attention on the problems and challenges of their own. And their criticism is often about something negative in their life than what you have done, so do not worry about it. Be aware of what you are doing is not so important to others may be a little disappointing, but also can be a welcome relief. It is easy to get back to the attitude of a spoiled and think about what people think about you and what you do. But with intention, you can slowly to not worry and bother thinking about what people think of your tentag. It makes you can have the inner freedom to do something and try what you want because you do not feel trapped in people's responses.

Remain to Be in Reality

This is closely related to abdominal breathing. When you take a deep breath and focus will make the mind becomes silent. Your projections about what will happen at the meeting or interview will be lost. Nervousness arising from the negative projection of what might happen in the future or on what has happened in the past, probably from the last time you have a meeting or interview. When you focus your attention on what's happening now, the nervousness will disappear.

Another way to stay or to return to the state now is to pay attention to what is happening today. Focus on the events and sounds in front of you, do not think of reports that must be completed before 5 pm, or about a meeting tomorrow, or what you want to eat for dinner. Focus your attention on events that are going on and do not think about other things. Make it a habit and try to expand the time you spend in the current climate before your mind drift back. Being in the present circumstances could be very useful if you want to reduce the taste and negative thoughts in your life.

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