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About Us | Blog's Contributors

Written by : Enjelvi Permanda
At : Tuesday, March 22, 2016

About Blog Authors

Miko Satria Pratama

Hi, My name is Miko Satria Pratama and you can call me Miko. I am a student at Padang State University (Indonesia), typically for Biology education, faculty of mathematics and science since August 2013. As you know that my english is so bad but i know you would understood. I am a young blogger, web developer, and designer (typically graphic design). If you want me to create specific how to article you can send request via email or my another contact in Contact Me page. If you want me to create Logo, Banner, Brochure and another product of graphic design, you also can send me an email.

Enjelvi Permanda

My name is Angelvi Permanda (please call me vivi or pipi). Actually, i'm not sure about my hobby. But, i like travelling, listening music and writting (umm.. not writting but write something weird and really weird). if you want to ask me about something, please feel free to send us an email.

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